Adriel Jackson

Musician in casting

Pizza Dude

alex Alexandra Walker

Girlfriend of Adriel Jackson. Waitress in Carlos Tavern.
Amy Keaton

Scriptgirl in the "Behind the Curtains" prequal
Angus McAlister

Musician in casting

betty Betty Danger

A Groopie in BtC2

Carlos Garcia Álvarez

Musician in casting

Carlos on Stage

Conzuela Delgado

Host of the "Behind the Curtains" Show


My MiniMe. A Friend amd co-worker of Martin Parker
jennifer Ivy Saint Marcs

had a short appeariance on BtC2. She said she's Mr. Dunedin's Personal Assistent, whatever that means

Jack Palmer

Businesspartner of Mike Emerson, housemate in the Jimmy Frost flat share
riots pictures


Jennifer Doyle

Wife of Matthew Doyle. Works with Willy Davenport for the same company.

Jimmy Frost

Musician in casting

The Guns of Brixton


Joe Pushkin

Owner of Joe's Garage

Joe's Garage


June Wong

Girlfriend of Yǒng. Violoncellist.


Sound assistent in the "Behind the Curtains" prequal

Martin Parker

Musician in casting

a webdesigner

Matthew Doyle

Matthew McConaughey in the"Behind the Curtains" prequal. Musician in casting

Guitar King Music Store


Mike Emerson

Musician in casting

The Emerson & Palmer Warehouse

Olaf Gustavson

Musician in casting

a geek's life

Snoop Dogg

as himself in a commercial spot on Channel 5 in the "Behind the Curtains" prequal

Director for Channel 5 in the "Behind the Curtains" prequal

Steve Miller

Camera operator for Channel 5 in the "Behind the Curtains" prequal


Trols Gustavson

Younger brother of Olaf Gusavson. Head of Gustavsbrød

William Davenport

Musician in casting

Good Wine

Fāng Yǒng 方勇

Musician in casting

Yong the artist